Thursday, December 27, 2012

Virtual Villagers: Origins Cheats

Downloaded this game from the Appstore and now I'm hook to it. The game may took a while to progress to the next level, so due to impatience I found these game cheats... ;-) so hopefully this helps!

Virtual Villagers: Origins Cheats

Puzzle Solving
Assign most of your villagers to work on the research table will store up tech points faster, and tech points are essential-need for this game.
  • Puzzle 1 The Well: next to the berries bush, there is a covered well, a builder can uncover the well.
  • Puzzle 2 The Hut: once you have a builder, you can start construct a new hut next to the "research table"
  • Puzzle 3 The Beach: clear away the debris and wood piece from the beach
  • Puzzle 4 The School: a master scientist can turn the "long hut" to be a school, so that the villager offsprings are born with skills.
  • Puzzle 5 The Lagoon: left-top corner of the village, lvl 2 construction + builder will let you clear out the blockage of the lake.
  • Puzzle 6 The Magic Fish of Fertility: lvl 3 farming + a master farmer will able to find the magic fish in Lagoon (may require a few try - swimming)
  • Puzzle 7 The Cemetery: lvl 2 spirituality + a dead villager (die from sickness or ageing), the villagers will pick up the skeleton and bury it at the right-top corner
  • Puzzle 8 Herb Mastery: select one of the villagers as a healer, and get him to study the plant below the lagoon + a cactus next to the giant stone + a purple lily on the right-middle + a strange plant below the dead flower bed on the left-corner (may require few try for the doctor trainee to gain some healing skills)
  • Puzzle 9 The Garden: a builder + lagoon water the dead flower bed on the left-middle
  • Puzzle 10 The Magic Plant of Life: golden child + completed Puzzle 9 & 14, pick the golden child to the "fruitless plant" by the Lagoon
  • Puzzle 11 The Temple: lvl 3 construction + a master builder (you can keep training the builder to fix the hut to get more construction skills if everything is built but the villager hasn't reach the master level)
  • Puzzle 12 The Idol: locate just below the lagoon, it requires lvl 3 construction + lvl 3 spirituality + completed puzzle 11 + a builder
  • Puzzle 13 The Golden Child: completed Puzzle 5 & 12 + lvl 3 fertility + a nursing mother (this is a gifted child)
  • Puzzle 14 The Butterflies: pick the golden child to the flower bed, let the butterflies to follow him
  • Puzzle 15 The Treasure: lvl 3 construction + lvl 3 science + a master builder + completed puzzle 13, the treasure is located at the cross section of the temple (9 o'clock) and the food bin (6 o'clock), just imagine there is an invisible line
  • Puzzle 16 The Cave: a golden child will move away the Giant Stone next to the cactus when he is in a good mood.
The baby - Fully Research everything then drop a nursing mother in to the lagoon and a "golden child" should appear. You need the idol and temple and garden to do this too.
Butterflies - Requires golden child
Flower and Stars - Has something to so with the "FRUITLESS plant" near the cactus. (requires butterflies and golden child).
Box - It is buried near the food bin...requires all tech and a master builder... you should see the action "digging" if the builder finds it. A message should appear saying 'is something buried here?' as well.
Cave - The golden child can only open it....

  • Tech points are often acquired by your villagers, and can be used to purchase upgrades that your villagers can use.
  • If you tap on the “Tech” menu off to the left side of the screen, you can see the different abilities available to you. Each upgrade will allow you to have more skills in the different categories.
  • Farming will allow you to harvest from several different crops, ones that are not necessarily just the berry bush.
  • Upgrading Medicine will decrease the possibility of disease hitting the island. Your villagers will also live longer with this upgrade.
  • Fertility will increase the likelihood of a baby being produced each time you make villagers breed with each other.
  • Upgrading the Construction skill will allow your villagers to solve more complex problems on the island, and build more advanced buildings.
  • Science advancements allow you to gain tech points faster each time an activity is completed.
  • Spirituality is important to your villagers, and will bring them additional happiness when upgraded.
  • Additional tech upgrades you can purchase include Time Warp (advances time on the island by 3 years) and Island Event (will immediately cause an island event to occur).
And to add some personal note: 
Make sure to give your villagers some task and strictly monitor them that they are doing it (they tend to leave the task and rest). While your villagers are doing your designated task, exit the game go to your Phone's Time and Date menu, advance the time maybe about 24 hrs then go back to the game and you'll see that the tasks are done and theirs a big difference with regards to the Tech  points, mastery of task etc.... :-). This will do the trick advancing the game, specially if you are impatient.... like me... ;-)
*** These are all combined reviews*** :-)

All the best for you today. Keep on smiling :) 


  1. Found this really helpful, and now all I have left to do is the box. But I can't find the box!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. All the way to the right above the ruins

  3. The flower bed is all the way on the right above the ruins

  4. The flower bed is all the way on the right above the ruins

  5. i had a big wave which left debris on my beach. my lil people cant fish anymore and i can't get them to clear it. what should I do?

    1. Cant you farm or pick berries?

    2. Get them to heal eachother


  6. I need help with 4 the school i dont get it

    1. You have to get a master scientist and drop him/her on the bigger house above the science table.

  7. do you already build or change its name??

  8. Have level 3 spiritually and have completed the lagoon and the idol .. not having any luck with the golden child ??? Help pls

  9. Finished all of these... How do I beat the game itself?

  10. If I purchase the time warp tech and the time passes on, am I going to get more tech points as if the time went on

    1. No I dont think so but can u tell me how u get an golden child

  11. Can somebody help me im trying to get the golden child but wat do i need to get it please comment!

  12. Golden child- lvl 3 spirit, lvl 3 fertility, lvl 3 building. Get the lagoon and the idol. Then through a nursing mom in the lagoon until a golden childen appears . You'll know. Treasure chest is between the temple and food bin and to the left. You need a master builder to find it.

  13. my villagers die and my berries run out before I have enough tech points to upgrade

  14. After u get all the puzzels and all the techs then what I dont understand what to do with the treasre

  15. Can u go inside the cave after you Moe it? And how do you open the chest after you unbury it